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rory skinner cev repsol valencia 2016 1 2

Hi everyone,

Well my two races today didn’t quite go the way I would have liked….

Race 1 I managed to bridge a gap and catch the front pack, just as I caught up I pushed too hard going into turn 8 and tucked the front, I was unable to rejoin due to fairing damage.

Race 2 started well and I was up to 3rd by turn 1 and on lap 2 I was leading until I was passed by slipstream down to turn 1. Foggia and I had a great battle for 3rd for several laps but on lap 8 I had a massive highside at turn 8.

I was taken to medical centre where an X-ray showed my left wrist had sustained a clean fracture.

I’d like to say a massive thanks to all my team for all the hard work this weekend and a big thanks to Racing Steps Foundation and all my sponsors.

I’ll be undergoing treatment to get my wrist fixed as best and as soon as possible so I miss as few races as I can, and I’ll keep you updated on my progress here and on my Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Thanks for your support,